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​What is Apoptosis

Apoptosis brand logo

​For the history makers

Apoptosis is a beverage brand for the people building history, the history makers and to give them the care they deserve. Having a great dining experience without alcohol, prioritize yourself by caring for the foundation, your body, we want you to live a better and more energetic tomorrow. For that, we keep creating new luxury beverages from Japan that you needed but never knew about.

​Who are the history makers?

In this world, sometimes there are people who create an incredible asset for the history of human beings.

But those are not whom we call the history makers here. 

Miraculous achievements are often viewed differently in different times and contexts.

We believe that a true History Maker is someone who can give something to others. 

Even if it did not lead to great achievements, even if what we started for ourselves ultimately resulted in "giving" to others, we believe that there is greatness in individuality and respect, not in easy-to-understand achievements, but in hard-to-understand sentiments.

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​Company Profile

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Head office location


Business content

Apoptosis Co., Ltd.

As of December 9, 2022

1 million yen (as of December 9, 2022)

Courtyard Hiroo 1A, 4-21-2 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Representative Director and President Cho Kwon Yi

Manufacture and sale of tea products, Apoptosis brand planning

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